Shearing is a very important part of owning Alpaca.  We do this once a year between May - June.  We prefer to do table shearing. While the animal is on the table we look at their toe nails and clip their toe nails if they have overgrown.  We also check their teeth and make sure they are not overgrown either.  At this time we also take advantage of them being on the table and do their yearly vaccination as well.




It takes several people to shear an alpaca.  There are the people holding the alpaca to ensure they don't move and get hurt, the nail/tooth trimmer vaccine giver, the shearer(s), the person running the fleece to the skirting tables and the person/people grading and skirting the fibre,



We are very lucky to be part of an amazing Alpaca community.  We go from farm to farm helping each other at shearing time.  It is truly like a family.