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What do our Alpaca eat?

We feed them pellets formulated specially for Alpaca.  We feed them pellets twice a day.  They get 1 scoop each feeding.Nursing moms and expectant moms in her last trimester get 2 scoops at each feeding.  On occasion they can be given sweet feed or alfalfa pellets as well.  We always have fresh water available for them in the barn and in the pastures


​Hay and pasture

Our alpaca always have hay in the barn to eat. In the snowy season we also put hay outside for them to eat while they are out.  When there is no snow on the ground they have our grass mixtures to eat while they graze in the pastures. 



Vitamin Mineral Mixture

We always leave a bin of vitamin/mineral mixture available for them to eat.  They know when they are short on something and will eat the mixture if they need it.



We have straw in the barn for them to lay on and to use the washroom on.  They do seem to prefer to sleep on the barn floor instead.

pellets in pail.jpg
bales of hay.jpg
bales of straw.jpg
pellets in bin.jpg
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